International Futsal tourney for Vietnam

HANOI (17 December 2023) – An international Futsal tournament has been planned for the Vietnam Futsal national team ahead of next year’s AFC Futsal Asian Cup 2024.

The official draw for the AFC Futsal Asian Cup 2024 – slated for 17-28 April 2024 – saw Vietnam being placed in the same Group A against host Thailand, Myanmar and China.

Towards that, an international Futsal tournament has been planned for 28-31 March 2023 after the team starts centralised training in mid-March 2024 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Three quality oppositions are expected to take part in this international tournament with New Zealand, Morocco and a team from the Asian region.

“I have built the team’s playing style. The only thing that needs to be done soon is to plan for between nine and ten test matches which will be very important. The whole team is starting to play the way I built it and that gives me a lot of confidence,” said Vietnam Futsal head coach Diego Raul Giustozzi.

“When I first came to Vietnam to take on the position of head coach of the national futsal team, I worked a lot because the team was not mentally ready and they have not gotten into the rhythm of play that I want.

“However, up to this point, we have made a lot of progress in those two aspects. We have improved a lot individually and collectively. The upcoming AFC Futsal Asian Cup has five or six very important opponents, but we are ready to compete with them.”



Group A: Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, China PR

Group B: Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Australia

Group C: Japan, Tajikistan, Korea Republic, Kyrgyz Republic

Group D: IR Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, Afghanistan