‘Team bonding sessions have been crucial’ – Bencherifa

SINGAPORE (15 Sept 2023) – Singapore women’s national team head coach Karim Bencherifa said that team bonding sessions will be crucial as they look set to take on the higher-ranked DPR Korea in their upcoming Asian Games campaign in Hangzhou, China.

As Bencherifa named his final squad of 22 players for the Asian Games this week, his thoughts are squarely on the two matches against DPR Korea.

Initially, Group C had Singapore, DPR Korea and Cambodia but is now left with just two teams following the latter’s withdrawal.

“Team bonding sessions have been crucial to our preparation, fostering unity and cohesiveness among the players. Our training has been intensive, filled with a positive spirit among both staff and players. The backroom staff and I have worked diligently on enhancing the team’s fitness, monitoring individual fitness levels daily, and refining our game plan and tactics,” said Bencherifa.

“Despite the circumstances where we will face the same opponent twice, we remain committed to giving our best effort. We will do whatever it takes to represent Singapore with pride and determination on the Asian Games stage.”

The team will travel to Hangzhou on 24 September 2023 and begin their Group C campaign three days later.