‘Rules for promotion-relegation in Liga 1 remained’ – Erick

JAKARTA (29 October 2023) – The rules with regard to the promotion and relegation of BRI Liga remain unchanged.

“PSSI (FA of Indonesia) firmly adhere to the applicable provisions which are three teams each will go through the promotion and relegation process. There will be no bargaining on that!” said PSSI President Erick Thohir.

Erick emphasised that the regulations are non-negotiable because they are in accordance with the decisions of the PSSI Congress.

“There are no changes to the rules when the league is on-going. PSSI do not tolerate and clearly reject this issue (rumours of just one team each that will go through the promotion-relegation process) because it is not in accordance with the spirit of fair play,” he added.

“A healthy competition will give rise to a competent national team. Apart from that, a consistently rotating competition system will also provide certainty from a business perspective. Therefore, we all agree to maintain the competition system that was agreed upon at the congress.”