MNC Group hold broadcasting rights for Indonesia national team

JAKARTA (7 June 2023) – MNC Group has been announced as holders of all matches involving the Indonesia national team throughout 2023.

This was announced today by FA of Indonesia (PSSI) President Erick Thohir today.

“This is a new step for PSSI as this will provide certainty to broadcast rights holders because after all this is a business and this will allow television stations to make a long-term agenda,” said Erick.

“In terms of promotion and marketing, the socialisation of the national team will also be good because multimedia broadcasts are guaranteed to create various events and programmes to attract spectators and national team supporters.”

Previously, broadcasting rights were marketed as per match or tournament to interested television stations.

PSSI announced MNC Group to be the winner of the national team’s Broadcasting Rights (Domestic Media Rights) in 2023 with a contract value of USD 3.8 million (IDR 56 billion).

As such, the two closest matches for the national team on FIFA Match Days, namely against Palestine (on 14 June 2023) and Argentina (19 June 2023) will be broadcast on television stations, FTA, OTT and TV Pay channels belonging to the MNC Group.