FIFA Football Agent Regulations to fully enter into force as of 1 October

JAKARTA (30 Sept 2023) – FIFA are due to fully implement the Football Agent Regulations (FFAR) as of 1 October 2023, following a long and inclusive consultation process involving players, clubs, leagues, member associations and football agents themselves and their partial entry into force in January 2023.

 A landmark CAS award has confirmed the legality, validity and proportionality of the FFAR, and courts in Belgium, Czechia, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland have rejected injunctions against the new rules, both at national and international level.

As of 1 October, FIFA will enforce the full implementation of the FFAR, including the mandatory use of licensed football agents, the cap on service fees and new provisions to ensure the protection of minors. The only exception to the full implementation of the FFAR will be in Germany, where a preliminary injunction has been granted by a local court.

Following the first two exams and all the legacy licence applications submitted so far, a total of approximately 4,500 licences have already been issued. Those who hold a licence, will be eligible to perform football agent services as of 1 October. Unsuccessful applicants will have the opportunity to retake the exam in May and November 2024. FIFA will organise further exams in the coming years.

As part of the new regulations, potential disputes in connection with representation agreements entered into as of 1 October will be handled by the Agents Chamber of the Football Tribunal, thus ensuring that any conflicts concerning football agent services are resolved fairly and equally for all participants in the international transfer system.

FIFA believes that the FFAR provides a reasonable and proportionate framework to help resolve systemic failures in the player transfer system and wishes to underscore that the regulations have been universally recognised by football stakeholders and the most important political authorities in Europe. –