PETALING JAYA (11 Nov 2019) – The FA of Malaysia (FAM) are pleased to announce a partnership with the English Football Association (EFA) which will see the Malaysian governing body launch two Respect campaigns for the 2019/20 season.

The new partnership has seen the EFA use findings from its most recent Respect strategy and insights, alongside taking time to grow an understanding of the Malaysian game and the key areas to address, to help create a strategic plan for Malaysian Respect. Both associations are excited to make the most of this opportunity to work together in bringing Respect to the forefront of football.

FAM President, Datuk Haji Hamidin Haji Mohd Amin, said: “respect is one of mankind’s most noble sentiments but certain sections of the society feel it’s acceptable to hurl abuse or question and manipulate rules and decisions. In order to make a genuine difference to the behaviour of everyone involved in the game, a cultural shift needs to take place at all levels.

“We are certainly delighted to work together with the English FA in creating awareness of the issues we all need to work on to provide a safe and enjoyable environment that protects participants, match officials, club administrators, volunteers and spectators.”

Greg Clarke, EFA Chairman:“our campaign has evolved over the years since its inception but the desire to improve on-field and touchline behaviour by raising awareness of the importance and benefits of Respect has been constant throughout. 

“Knowledge-sharing between National Associations is key to the development of football and it has been a pleasure to share our experiences, offer guidance and collaborate with FAM for a Respect programme tailored to the game in their own country.” 

The EFA’s journey began back in 2008 with the launch of Respect after a build-up of behavioural problems in the national game. Over the past 11 years, several campaigns have followed to tackle areas such as referee abuse and swearing from the touch lines. Most recently the ‘We Only Do Positive’ campaign was launched, which aims to educate coaches and parents on their roles in creating a positive environment for players within the mini soccer and youth games.

More recently, in October 2018, FAM launched a new roadmap and comprehensive strategy, F:30 which outlined their vision and mission up until 2030. As the FAM build to their new vision, they see Respect as a foundational value that should be evident across both the professional and grassroots games.

At this time the FAM reached out to the EFA for input and support in raising the profile of Respect in Malaysian football, recognising the progress that the EFA’s Respect campaign was seeing.

As a result of the partnership between the EFA and FAM, on the 14 November 2019, FAM will be launching the ‘Together’ campaign, focused on tackling a growing problem of contempt and abuse against officials and spectators within the professional leagues.

Furthermore, in January 2020, FAM will launch a new campaign – ‘Play Positive’ – which focuses on the role that coaches and parents have to create the right environments for players of 4-12 years. The campaign will be launched alongside a new grassroots league, in which the FAM is encouraging children of the youngest age groups to engage in their national sport.

Alongside both campaigns, FAM will be launching educational activations and discipline procedures that will support the roll-out of both campaigns.

For further information the FAM will be launching a new website page and Instagram page @FAMRespect.