JAKARTA  (2 Nov 2019) – Mochamad Iriawan has been elected as the new President of the FA of Indonesia (PSSI) following the Extraordinary Congress that was held this afternoon in Jakarta.

Mochamad Iriawan garnered 82 votes from 85 eligible voters – 18 from Liga One, 15 from Liga Two (Persis Solo abstained), 16 from Liga Three, Women’s Football Association and also Futsal Federation.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and prayers in making this possible. With the trust that has been entrusted for me to serve as the President of PSSI, I hope that we can all work together to bring Indonesian football to a whole new level, in line with the wishes of the populace,” said Mochamad Iriawan.

Alongside the election of a new President of PSSI, two Deputy Presidents were also elected and they are Iwan Budianto and Cucu Soemantri.



PRESIDENT: Mochamad Iriawan

DEPUTY PRESIDENT 1:  Iwan Budianto

DEPUTY PRESIDENT 2: Cucu Soemantri


  1. S Sukawijaya
  2. Dirk Soplanit
  3. Endri Erawan
  4. Haruna Soemitro
  5. Hasnuryadi Sulaiman
  6. Pieter Tanuri
  7. Sonhadji
  8. Juni Rahman
  9. Ahmad Riyadh
  10. Yunus Nusi
  11. Hasani Abdul Gani
  12. Vivin Cahyani